About the Project


Daughters of the American Revolution re-enactment at the Lefferts Homestead

In 2010, the Lefferts historic house in Prospect Park donated a rich collection of genealogies, financial records, deeds, photographs, cookbooks, bibles, and many other documents related to the Lefferts family to Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS). Thanks to a generous grant from the Leon Levy Foundation, BHS was able to conserve, organize, and process these materials, along with other Lefferts-related documents previously donated to the institution. Today, researchers, students, and other visitors to BHS’s Othmer Library have unprecedented access to these valuable materials. BHS was also able to digitally reproduce many of the documents, allowing virtual visitors to view the Lefferts family papers from anywhere in the world.

Exhibit curator and historian

Julie Golia, Public Historian, Brooklyn Historical Society

Special thanks to:

Maria Cobo, Bill Coleman, Judith Dobrzynski, Billy Holiday, Sarah Lohman, Elyse Newman, Josh Shayne, Tupper Thomas, Chela Scott Weber, Gina Ingoglia Weiner, Shelby White, and Craig Wilder.

Thanks also to BHS President Deborah Schwartz and BHS staff, especially Elizabeth Harris, Prithi Kanakamedala, Robin M. Katz, Julie May, Emily Reynolds, Mike Satalof, Craig Savino, and Larry Weimer.